In one of my previous posts, I talked about the most well-known reasons why cheaters do what they do and some prevention tips. In this one, I’ll be going a little more in-depth with those tips. That way, you’ll not only make cheating less likely but you and your partner could make great strides in your relationship.

Reason: Lack of Sex


Lack of sexual excitement in a relationship is normal. But of course, it’s also a common reason for cheating. I explained before that the best way to start fixing this is a healthy conversation, setting expectations, setting boundaries, etc.

Another thing that’s also important is proper sexual education. When sex becomes the dealbreaker in a relationship, a lot of it has to do with one party’s lack of sexual education.

Now, that’s not something they should be completely faulted for. America is ranking terribly when it comes to sexual education. If you and your partner are undergoing counseling, then expect to get quizzed on your sex ed during the process.

On the bright side, a part of the process here is also a healthier understanding of where sex fits in your relationship. It is an opportunity to understand your partner’s sexual needs, what you can do about them, and even figure out where it comes from. That’s pretty intimate too!

Reason: Commitment


There’s nothing more awkward and unromantic than a man’s commitment issues. It’s one of the things that’s made them the butt of romantic-comedy jokes since the 60s.

If that’s what you’re afraid of, then make sure you already make commitment a clear expectation even before you start dating!

If you got a profile and it doesn’t say “looking for long-term relationship” on your profile, then you are asking for a cheater!

On the other hand, if you are already in a relationship but have decided at some part in the way that commitment has become a need for you: Be very prepared for the Talk.

A really big part of that preparation has to come from how much you yourself are ready for that commitment. It takes two to tango, after all.

Reason: Boredom


Logically, the answer to boredom is finding something new and fun to do together.

On the other hand, sometimes the boredom belies a more serious problem that your partner is having trouble opening up to you.

When this happens, treat them with care first before suspicion. There are ways to make them open up in very positive ways. Being in a relationship also means building trust and encouraging vulnerability. That’s all part of Love.

Don’t be afraid to start checking in on your partner if there’s something keeping them down. If it turns out that they’re been looking to try something new, then look for it together! You don’t have to be nosy about it, but just let them know that you’re there and you are present.

Reason: Self-Esteem


Previously, I shared a link to some helpful techniques when you have a partner with low self-esteem.

To follow that up, it’s also important to really explore some of the most well-known ways lack of self-esteem is still a problem among adults. A partner who suffers from insecurity can expose them to a lot of negative influences. The same insecurity can come from a lot of places such as their childhood, past relationships, their family, their job, and even their peers.

As a first step to helping a partner build confidence, consider trying to be more constructive rather than critical. Next, be willing to let them talk about why they feel insecure and be ready to learn more about their history.

As a side note, be on the lookout for your partner when they start using the wrong strategies for their lack of self-esteem.

Overall, the important thing to remember is that all these solutions are based on having lots of Love for yourself and letting it be known to your partner.

Lovers become cheaters far more easily because they’ve let ego take the place of Love. And of course, it’s not always your fault when some guys would still choose ego in the end. At the very least, you know you tried and it doesn’t take long when those who choose ego find that it’s all empty.

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