Why They Cheat
Why They Cheat

Mouna M Fall

Always wondering why you have been cheated on, maybe scared to be cheated on? How do we ensure my partner will never cheat on me? What type of relationship am I a part of? Will this person be worthy of my forgiveness?

Why They Cheat is a novel divided into twelve chapters that tell stories of cheaters. This book explains the mental side of cheating, including why someone would cheat and how it would affect the victim. Some accounts show the cheaters’ point of view and the thoughts going through their heads at the time they made their dishonest choices.


1. Sometime we refuse to acknowledge the Red Flags but they are Red for a reason.
2. Eventually the neurochemical rush of a romance in early love stories is replaced overtime with less intensity, but ultimately more other meaningful forms of connection.
3. No way can we explain the behaviors of a cheater nor the reaction of the cheated. Most importantly we owe to ourselves to select our partners with the most wise reason possible.

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